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Postponement of General Elections until further notice

by UPOU Committee on Elections -

To the UPOU community,

Committee on Elections Chairperson (CoE), Alyssa Navarro, has petitioned for postponement of elections due to a report raised wherein unenrolled students are able to access the General Elections course site despite their registration status. 

This is a violation of Article 29, Section A of the UPOU Election Code where it is stated there that, "A student is entitled to vote if they are a registered student of the university during the General Elections, which will be held at the start of the semester/trimester."

The technological subcommittee of the CoE confirmed that the said student is a participant in the General Elections course.

The aforementioned issue was raised in writing to OSA and ICTDO, and a representative of the CoE spoke to the Director of the OSA today. The ICTDO will fix the issue by tomorrow, November 24.

The Committee would like to express our utmost appreciation for everyone who turned out and casted their vote in the University Student Council Elections.

With the majority vote of the Committee, as to maintain the sanctity of fair and honest elections, we regret to inform you that the 2022 University Student Council Elections will be postponed effective immediately.

The Committee on Elections sincerely apologizes for this matter.

Rest assured that the election proper will be resumed as soon as ICTDO will be able to fix this issue in Tagpuan.

On the other hand, all votes casted are considered null and void. Consequently, all students who already voted will still be able to vote.​

Miting de Avance

by UPOU Committee on Elections -

Lalo pa nating kilalanin ang ating mga kandidato sa darating na MITING DE AVANCE na gaganapin sa NOVEMBER 14 (MONDAY), 5 PM - 7:40 PM via ZOOM & FB LIVE✨
Tune in and learn about our candidates’ beliefs, stances, and future plans of action given the chance to serve the UPOU community‼️
💬 The Miting de Avance (MDA) includes the following segments:
▫️Presentation of Candidates
▫️Presentation of General Plans of Action
▫️Panel Round, Fast Talk, & Audience Round
▫️Councilor Debates
Send us your questions for our candidates via the MDA form link and we’ll try our best to get them across!
Let’s stay informed and make our votes truly count for the upcoming #UPOUeLections2022 ✅ Kitakits mga e-skolar ng bayan! ❤️

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